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What is Uddann ?

Uddann is a professional online network that is predominantly focused on helping medical professionals find jobs: long term, short term, on-demand or consulting work. Besides finding work, Uddann can also be used for connecting with other professionals and influencers in the medical industry.

How is Uddann different from other websites?

We are different in a couple of ways
Apply to jobs in under 1 minute
We dont require applicants to create an extensive profile or upload a detailed resume. An applicant will download our app, provide answers to some basic questions and then very quickly see relevant jobs in their area and geography of interest.
Complete the entire job application process on your own terms
Sick of phone screening interviews?
If your application makes it through to the interview stage, you can do the first voice interview on your own time, anytime of the day, just click on the app to complete your voice interview.
Not interested in all-day onsite interviewing? Can’t fly out to another city for an in-person interview?
You can set up a video call with the hiring manager, directly from our app. And with group calling you can interview with multiple people at the same time. Just give us the time slots you are available and our system will setup all your interviews for you.
Find all sorts of medical work ranging from Full-time employment to consulting work
Looking for that next big break?
Find jobs at some of the world’s leading healthcare companies. Review job details, qualification and pay ranges. Apply to jobs in under a minute on our app. You don't have to create an extensive profile or a detailed resume. We make the job application process super easy and seamless.
Love your job, but need to make some extra cash?
Find short-term consulting work or one-time weekend gigs. You don’t need to worry about paperwork or collecting money, we manage all of that for you.
Develop a Professional Network
Connect with other professionals, influencers and recruiters.
Get Free Training: Coming Soon
We partner with the largest medical institutions in North America. Get access to all their training material, completely free.

What is the fee for joining Uddann?

Zero, Zilch. It’s a completely free service. We make money through recruiters that post jobs on our platform.

Do you guys have a website login?

Currently, we are only available via our Android and iOS apps. We can provide a much smoother and wholesome experience on our apps.

What kinds of jobs are available on Uddann?

Currently, we are focused on nursing and nursing support jobs for hospitals and in-home care. We are working hard to develop the necessary expertise for all medical work, including doctors, surgeons, IT, and administrative staff.

Are you available world-wide?

Currently are only live in the US and Canada.

For any other questions feel free to email:

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